Skidirect Privigo Club

Privigo Club

The five benefits of Club Privigo?

A gift voucher

At the end of the year, a gift voucher will be issued to you personally. This will be calculated based on the total amount of your purchases! Share your benefits with your friends while increasing your gift voucher!

The Snow Sports Deal

The Snow Sports Deal is a guarantee for taking back your children’s ski equipment! With this formula, you can change the equipment of your little ones with ease!

Preferential tariffs on ski rental

On the Internet, you will be recognised as a Club member and will be able to take advantage of preferential tariffs!

Also for the maintenance of your equipment

Are you a Club member, and would you like us to maintain your ski equipment? Thanks to the Club, you can get an extra 20% on the maintenance of your skis.


Discover the SkiDirect sponsorship system. Reserved for Club Privigo members, sponsorship allows sponsors to accumulate points on their gift vouchers, while taking advantage of exceptional ski rental tariffs from one of our partner stores.

More details

How does it work?

For more information, visit the Club’s own website. If you want to benefit from the many advantages (discounts on ski rental, private sales, etc.), join the Club now.

How do I join?

Free Membership

If you are a resident of Morzine or the surrounding area, you can join Club Privigo right away to enjoy the many “loyalty” benefits, and receive useful information ahead of each season. For more information, visit Club Privigo’s website at